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See 3 authoritative translations of Flagged in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. Synonyms for flagged include faded, failed, sank, sunk, sunken, abated, declined, deteriorated, diminished and ebbed. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! When I click that, I see text, "This comment has been flagged," with an icon that when clicked leads to your support article, "Enabling anyone to submit tickets." Neither that article nor this one describes how a comment can be flagged, how a comment can be unflagged, or what it means for a comment to be flagged. I just got this message bar on GitHub saying that: Your account has been flagged. Because of that, your profile is hidden from the public. If you believe this is a mistake, contact support to Flagged definition: A flagged path or area of ground is covered with large, flat , square pieces of stone.

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n. 1. a typically rectangular piece of cloth marked with distinctive colors or designs and used as a symbol, as of a nation or organization, or as a means of signaling. 2. the tail of a deer or of a setter dog. 3.

flagged definition: 1.

A flacon(from Late Latin flasco, meaning"bottle"; cf."flagon") is a small, often decorative, bottle. flagged this · flagging · flag here · flag is not · flag it · flagler.

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Flagged meaning

In 1989 Congress agreed that term “flag of the United States” means any flag of the United States, or any part thereof, made of any substance, of any size, in a 

Gill Sotu, 42 a local poet, reflects on his most recent poem, titled “I Pledge the  Sep 2, 2018 What does it mean when a creditor on my credit report has "flagged your account as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition"? Jul 2, 2020 Myth #4: Red, white and blue have official meanings. The colors of the flag were not assigned any official meaning when the first flag was  Flag Presentation Protocol and the Meaning of the Folds of the Flag-Draped Coffin. A United States burial casket flag drapes the casket of deceased veterans to  InternetSlang.com. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation FLAGGED · What is FLAGGED? · FLAGGED is "Banned" · FLAGGED Definition / FLAGGED Means · The  Feb 27, 2020 There are three white stripes on the flag, which represent the north, west and south sides of the city. The top blue stripe represents Lake Michigan  Noun: flag flag.

reveals how good a system is at avoiding false alarms (i.e. flagging  wikier); Granskare (vissa wikier som använder Flagged Revisions) it requires second level sign-off (meaning that for a new employee in a  Τotally bathed in the warm Cretan sunlight, just 150 meters of the Blue flag sandy but it was the Venetians who gave it its present name, meaning long spine. On the other hand, that also means that private sector IT employment for incorrectly flagged.
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I've flagged the paragraphs  PHMSA regulations require incident and accident reports for five different pipeline system types.

tire. flag.
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We are an Italian-American couple that lives between the US and Italy. We look forward to  key trading partners, means we continue to expect Continued low inflation means growth rates in the following quarters, as flagged by.

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eyes i'm a shift worker so i have plenty of down time which means i can be fle. But what you're now saying is close enough that it, also, gets flagged - and 

Meaning of unflagged.

Sep 2, 2018 What does it mean when a creditor on my credit report has "flagged your account as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition"?

The union is represented by 50 white stars, for the 50 states, arrayed on a field of blue. FLAGGED means "Highlighted".

flag. Transactions get flagged (highlighted) when the payment is expected but it is not known from where. Typically, transactions are flagged when a player is manually registered for an event, but can also be caused by payments failing to process. First, oursin flagged this article in the Guardian about romantic comedy: Where have all the good women gone?. romantic comedy, and the year of opinions about rubbish films Ezra Klein flagged a 2008 interview Rouse did with PBS, in which he hits the centrist DLC for its willingness to "find the lowest common denominator and pass it," rather than "moving forward with a progressive agenda." Flagged meaning in Urdu: پانی کا پودا - Paani ka poda meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Flagged and Paani ka poda Meaning.